Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Heat Damaged Hair: Woe is me!

The thing I love most about my natural hair is the versatility I have in terms of styling options. I can be curly one day, and straight the next. I've been flat ironing my hair as often as once a week for the past couple of years, and am now noticing that I'm suffering from heat damage. Although the frequency with which I was using heat styling tools may have attributed to the damage, I strongly believe that decreasing the amount of heat protectant I was using prior to heat styling, all for the sake of getting that "salon swang," had a major impact on the health of my hair.

Today I have some permanently straight hair on my head. Unfortunately, the only way to rid myself of this damage is to cut it off. Below are two videos in which I fully explain the extent of my heat damage, and the steps I'm taking to get my hair back on a healthy track. I originally posted these on my YouTube channel (DPrincess28), but have decided to document the progress of my heat damage here, on my blogspot.

I'll be posting updates on the status of my hair so you can witness my journey as I nurse my hair back to health. I've chosen to share these videos with you ladies so that you can learn from my mistakes. It's okay to flat iron or press your hair, but just know that too much heat and poor heat prep methods can result in damage. Stay blessed, and remember to watch out for that heat!

Video #1: Hair Rant: My Hair Woes

Video #2: Hair Rant: My Hair Woes Update #1

In summary, there are three things I'm going to do to help my hair rebound from heat damage:

#1. Reduce the frequency with which I use heat styling tools.
#2. Do regular protein treatments to put strength back into the hair.
#3. Trim my ends regularly until the permanently straight ends are gone.

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Una said...

Thanks again for all the info. I love how you keep it real by stating your own mistakes, that is important to people like me.