Monday, February 9, 2009

Hair & Makeup

Sexy Waves Thanks to A Bun Out

The following video shows how you can get sexy waves without using a curling iron. This is another heat-free style that takes very little effort to create. Enjoy!

Pics of the finished look:


Heat Styled Natural said...


DPrincess28 said...

Thanks miss!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial!!!!

I, too, do the Tomb Raider pony at times. It's a great way to get our natural curls to dry faster. But I will try the Bun-Out tonight. Thanks for the great post! They are so helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the bun out look. But, I have ONE simply does not last all day! My hair is much shorter, and I am in the process of transitioing. How do I make my bun-out style last and eliminate frizziness?