Friday, February 13, 2009


She Bangs!

Okay, so y'all already know that I'm desperately seeking a style change. I straightened my hair today and realized that for the most part, all of my layers have grown out. I love it when hair has movement, and I don't have that now that my hair is pretty much all one length. I really believe that one of the quickest and easiest ways to change up your style is to get bangs. So, I'm seriously contemplating heading in that direction.

Below are pics of what my hair looked like last summer versus now. As you can see, the front section, which was once up to my nose, is now down to my chin. I've posted pics of some of the bangs I like. I'm using them as inspiration for my makeover. I guess we'll see what I end up with before the week is out.

My swoop bangs last summer.

My hair today: The bangs are gone!

Inspiration for my makeover

I like these straight bangs on Letoya Luckett. The good thing about having bangs like these is that you can pull your hair back into a bun and just style your bangs for a cute look. The bad thing about having bangs like this is that if you cut them too short, you may not be able to pull them back, and you're therefore stuck wearing them everyday until they grow out. In that case, these bangs could lead to breakouts, especially if you're already acne prone, and your T-zone area is naturally oily.

The side swept bangs pictured on Meagan Good are my favorite. The way they drape across the face at an angle can create a slimming effect for those of us with round faces. Also, because of their length, their easier to slick back when you don't want to have them out.

I love these swoop bangs on Rihanna. I like the fact that they don't cover her eyes, but instead brush across them for an alluring effect. The only downside to these bangs for me is that it seems she has used half of the hair on her head (from the crown forward) to create them, and I don't want my bangs to be quite as thick.

I also like these unconventional, choppy bangs that Rihanna has been known to sport from time to time. However, I don't think they're necessarily practical for someone like myself, for it would take some styling for them to look right, and I am a low-maintenance gal. Plus, I wear my hair curly 75% of the time, and I don't think these would bode well with my curly styles.

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