Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hair Rant: My Hair Woes Update #2

It's been seven weeks since my last update, and I've been committed to improving the health of my hair. So far, I've only straightened it twice this year, which is a huge improvement considering that I could have easily straightened it eight times if I continued to flat iron it once a week. It feels good to abstain from heat. I didn't think I could do it, but it's easier than I thought. I made the following video yesterday to document the progress of my hair and the steps I've taken to get it back on a healthy track. Hopefully I'll continue to see an improvement, and my hair will be as good as new around this time next year.

Photo on top was taken January 7, 2009. Photo on bottom is from February 25, 2009.

Top photo is from January 7th. Bottom is from February 25th.

Top photo is from January 7, 2009, and bottom photo is from February 25, 2009.

Overall, I think my hair looks more conditioned. The trim/cut I gave myself last month combined with the layers I recently cut in the front of my hair, definitely removed some of the damaged ends. I think the biggest change is that I notice a lot of tight curls growing in. You can see them best (especially around the perimeter of my head) in the following pic:

Conclusion: I'm going to continue to do my deep conditioning treatments and stretch out my use of heat styling tools. I normally only deep condition my hair prior to flat ironing, but I'm going to continue to deep condition my hair even when I wear it curly. I'm due for a trim next week, so that will just bring me one step closer to ridding myself of the damaged ends.

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