Friday, April 3, 2009


How to Trim Split Ends

Ridding the hair of split ends is an essential part of a healthy hair care regimen. Split ends can ruin a great style by causing the hair to look dry and brittle. If untreated, split ends can ultimately lead to breakage, thus preventing one from retaining length. Below is a video in which I demonstrate how I trim split ends. This should be done regularly (the frequency can be determined by each individual) to maintain a healthy head of hair.

My Before and After Photos:

As you can see, the difference in length is very slight. I got rid of the split ends and shaped up the hair. I prefer the V-shape because it counteracts the fact that the sides of my hair outgrow the center.

Provided are a few links to websites that support the hair trimming method demonstrated in the video above:
#1. How To Trim Unhealthy Split Ends
#2. No More Split Ends
#3. Hair Split Ends


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your contribution on how trim your own hair. I have been looking for information like this for a long time.

lakitiamarie said...

Hey Dprincess28!

I wanted to let you know that I posted your video on KISS and got some good feedback. I also posted your blogspot so my KISS sistas can check it out as well.Keep up the good work! See below:

Comment by Rose Slade-Hatcher 3 minutes ago Very helpful video. Will try this technique tonight!

Comment by Lee 17 hours ago thanks for posting this lakitia. I love your name. I need more help though because I want someone to put their ends to the camera and show where the split ends are. for example they would do a close up of the ends as if they were holding up three fingers. I never see split ends. I always see uneven ends, tangled looking ends (which i call raggedty, but they are not really tangled) or those small knots. i know to cut those three things, but how do you know when you've got all of the dead ends. But I did appreciate the twisting of the hair demonstration. that was crystal clear and i will work on that next. that's my concern that i was focusing on the ends but my ends throughout my hair were not being trimmed.

Comment by Fancee 22 hours ago wow that makes so much sense and I'm going to try this today. Thanks LaKitia for posting this!

Comment by Lena 1 day ago THANKS so much for this video I really needed something like this.

DPrincess28 said...

Yes girl, I actually saw that post on KISS. Thanks for spreading the word about my blog! XOXO

Khadicurls said...

Hi DPrincess28. This video has been so helpful to me. Even though it took me a while to trim my own hair I was able to retain some length. Thank you so much for making this and all of your other videos.

DPrincess28 said...

Khadicurls: You're very welcome!

LaLaa said...

Thank You so much for this video! The link was posted on Hairlista and I needed it. I was scared to trim my own hair or let anyone else do it. Now im more confident!

lakitiamarie said...


I DID IT! I trimmed my own hair last night. I feel so FREE! LOL! Of course I watched your video first and just one other then I did it. It was more difficult than I thought only because it's was my first time. I believe I need to learn my head/hair better and learn the angles while looking in the mirror. I will say that I may never pay for another trim again. I probably did more of a dust than a trim because fear did creep up in me, LOL. Surprisingly, my split ends weren't as bad as I thought. My 1 year challenge of no thermal heat (except for DC and now trims) is paying off. Thanks so much for giving me confidence by posting this video. You are AWESOME!


DPrincess28 said...

Hey girl! I'm glad to hear the technique worked for you. I agree that once you "learn" your head and all its angles, then your methods will only improve. Thanks so much for sharing your story! XOXO

vanessa said...

do we have to straight the hair before trimming?

Lovely_Miss01 said...

Hey hun, quick question, what prouducts do you use to straighten your hair? I am also going to try and trim my ends for the 1st time, wish me good luck! Thanks soo much for this video

Anonymous said...

Does the hair have to be straight to trim your hair like that? If not, can you trim-using that method-while the hair is still wet?

I havent straightened my hair in 3 months and I havent trimmed it since january. Im honestly too lazy to straighten it for now lol

Dominique said...

I tried this technique and I was very successful!!! Thanks to you!!Ive always have fear present everytime I get my ends clip bc of a bad expierence,even though I knw its healthier and looks better, anyway I went to my stylist and she even said she didnt need to clip my ends bc I did a great job!! so thanks bc I do trust myself to do it, and now noone elese!!