Friday, April 10, 2009


New Product to Test Out: Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel by Garnier Fructis Style

Today I purchased a new product by Garnier Fructis Style called Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel. It was only $3.29 at Target, and like the Silk 'N Curl Styling Curl Activating Crème Gel by Smooth 'N Shine Polishing, it too claims to provide the moisturizing benefits of a cream, and the firm hold of a gel. This is what is stated on the back of the tube:

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel
Sculpted curls without the crunch? Garnier Fructis Style introduces new Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel, the first curl styling product that gives curls everything they crave: control and conditioning.

What is Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel?
A new generation of curl styling product uniquely formulated by balancing the controlled definition of a gel with the soft, subtle conditioning of a cream.

How does it work?
Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel with fruit micro-waves delivers curl-sculpting polymers and silicones perfectly balanced with moisturizing conditioners, in a cream-gel formula that leaves curls defined and bouncy.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of product to slightly damp hair. Rake hair with fingers or comb through from root to tip for even distribution. Let air dry or dry with a diffuser.

For "Sculpted Curls": Rub product between hands and apply evenly to slightly damp hair. Twist curls loosely around fingers for maximum curl definition. Let curls air dry for expertly carved curls.

I'm really looking forward to testing out this product. I can already tell you that it smells awesome! Plus, I notice that it contains mineral oil and avocado oil, which should help seal in moisture. The Silk 'N Curl Styling product by Smooth 'N Shine Polishing didn't contain any oils. In fact, I couldn't pronounce any of the ingredients on the back of the bottle. Now, I know some of you try to stay away from mineral oil and petroleum based products, but in all honesty, I've never had a problem with them. They help seal in moisture, and since I don't "grease" my scalp, the whole they-clog-your-pores thing doesn't apply to me. In fact, the only thing I put on my scalp are pure oils by the Hollywood Beauty line, and that's only when my scalp is super dry (which is rare). Yet, even when I was a kid and my mama put heavy oils on my scalp, my hair was long, healthy and thick, so what gives?

So anyway folks, I'll be testing this product out soon and will let you know how it goes.


Trellis said...

Cool, sounds like a good one. Can't wait to see the results of the test.

lakitiamarie said...

Hey DPrincess,

I wouldn't say you have been too discriminating. Just like you said we have to use products that provide the benefits we need like moisture. If those products don't work for us then why waste our time and that goes for "black" products as well. However there is nothing wrong with venturing and experimenting with other products as long as they provide what we need. Now the same garnier product you bought I have used as well. I like to use this product for my braid outs because it does help with frizz. As far as providing moisture, it doesn't work for me but maybe you will have a different outcome. I have also used other garnier products that dried my hair out totally. So basically it's trial and error just like any other product. Good luck and can't wait for your review.

Anonymous said...

The thing I don't get is that black women say they want moisture but then they use GREASE. Grease and water do not mix. Just like oil and water don't mix. Grease doesn't do anything but coat the hair shaft to provide a little shine and softness to the hair.

Conditioners with a humectant in it like glycerin and just plain old water is what adds moisture to the hair. A natural oil of some type is great to use while the hair is still WET to lock in some of that moisture. But keep in mind oil and water still don't mix. So even the natural oil is just helping you lock some of that moisture which will eventually evaporate.

So it's not a big deal to put natural oil on the hair if you wash it out, even if a little gets on the scalp. But some people of color put petrolum and mineral oil (think baby oil) on their SCALPS which does indeed clog the pores and creates a barrier so none of thee natural oils can get anywhere. Then a vicious cycle is created where you have to ALWAYS use some kind of "oil" or "grease" because you think your hair is dry and needs moisture. Well it does but continously putting petrolum and mineral oil on the hair DOES NOT create moisture. It lubricates the hair strands that's it and eventually clogs pores and will attract dirt and other nasty things to the hair shaft.

Natural oils like olive, vitamin E, jojoba, palm nut oil, coconut, etc are GREAT for the hair. It's that darn petrolum and mineral oil on the SCALP that's the problem. But over time some people of color that learned mineral oil and petrolum aren't good for the scalp came to the conclusion all oil of any type is bad for hair and that's not the case. It's only if it's something like petrolum or mineral oil.

Think about it.. people use petrolum based products on their skin to lubricate, provide shine, and keep ashiness away.. it NEVER moisturizes. It simply makes things greasy and soft! It creates a barrier on the skin by coating it to protect against the elements. That's why people love it because it keeps the skin from the elements and since you aren't trying to grow hair on your skin usually it's good as a lubricant and protector. But not so good for the scalp because you want your scalp to be free and open to get plenty of oxygen and moisture so that the natural oils we all produce can get down the hair shaft. That way it can grow healthy and strong.

DPrincess28 said...

Well, I still don't see what the big deal is. It's just like the whole "shampoo is bad for you" thing. Everyone's scared of sodium lauryl sulfate now. I've been washing my hair with shampoo for years. My mama's been washing her hair with shampoo for years. Has our hair ever suffered or fallen out? No. I know many black people who had their scalp greased back in the day, including myself, and my hair has ALWAYS thrived. I even did a blog post months ago about a Dr. who discussed petroleum and basically disproved the theory of it being as dangerous as people make it out to be. After all, you can wash it out. It's not the impenetrable barrier people claim it is. So, it's still just a bunch of hype in my opinion. To each his own.