Monday, May 11, 2009


Oprah's Chicken Deal Flops

Since we're on the topic of Lady O, I wanted to share some information about the KFC grilled chicken deal she recently shared on her talk show. A few days ago, Oprah talked about how she was going to provide free grilled chicken meals to Americans, and I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to finally see a healthy option being offered at what I consider to be one of the deadliest fast food chains in America. I normally steer clear of fast food joints, especially KFC with all the saturated fat they pump into their fried chicken…and, is it really even chicken?

Anyway, I found the following article online stating that just a few short days after the grilled chicken deal was announced, KFC has decided to no longer honor the coupons advertised by Miss O (Get the full story here: KFC Cancels Free Chicken Deal After Oprah Promo). Apparently, the fast food chain has been inundated by people trying to redeem the coupons they downloaded online. Yet, what did they expect? If Oprah can sell a book to a blind man, surely she can get folks excited about the one thing many of us already love…food! And chicken at that!


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh Darn IT!!!!
I still have my coupon attached to my fridge door, just waiting for a hectic day and no cooking opportunity!
Thanks for the heads up!

Nomad said...

for that final "Raincheck" verdict, it sounds like KFC is banking on the fact that people hate filling out forms and therefore won't do it