Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tyra Banks Talks Good Hair

Today's episode of the Tyra Banks show will feature African American women who are obsessed with the concept of "good hair." These women spend tons of money trying to get their hair straight, and actually abhor the mere thought of sporting naturally textured hair. One guest even goes as far as giving her three-year-old daughter a relaxer to keep from dealing with her natural hair. I find her actions to be the most extreme form of self-hatred I've ever witnessed. It's a shame her poor baby has to suffer because of her warped concept of beauty.

The Tyra Banks show airs at 3:00 p.m. PST on channel 2 (KTVU). To get a sneak peak of what's yet to come, check out the following preview: Good Hair

On a side note, I find it funny that Tyra, Miss Weavalicious herself, has decided to sport cornrows for this particular episode. I also noticed that she darkened up her locks significantly prior to attending the Correspondent's Dinner at the White House…Things that make you go, "Hmmm."


Anonymous said...

lol tyra switches up her hair all the time girl. including hair color. she was red, blonde, brown with highlights all in the past 4 months. i think she's just rocking her cornrows for this episode to show her hair without all the weaves to match the theme of the show. kind of like when she did that show on beauty and self conscious women and wore no make up for that show

DPrincess28 said...

I know Tyra switches up her hairstyles, but let's be real: She is blond most of the time. And, the fact that she has changed her hair to fit the theme of the show seems inauthentic. Why not wear the weave you wore yesterday? And, I watch her show all the time, and haven't seen her hair dark in a minute.

Anonymous said...

You are right Princess. She is mostly blond and with a weave. She is not in the modeling business anymore, she can stay home and take care of her natural (well the hair that grew out of her scalp) hair. But she continues to wear her weave and blond. Why all of a sudden go cornrows and darker hair? Why change, even if she is confident in her weave and blond, that is okay too, but don't change just for the moment. Then she will revert back when the show is over.

Shelly said...

I agree, I thinks its a bit hypocritical that Tyra is even doing this show. However, I have not watched the show yet so I really don't know her stance. But wearing cornrows for the show....hmmmm.

KTVU channel 2 ...you must be in the Bay Area.