Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Don't Fear the Fro!

Today I ran across a great site that I'm sure many of you are already familiar with. It's called Nappturality, and it caters to tightly coiled, natural hair. I get a lot of messages from my YouTube subscribers stating that they would go natural if they only had hair like mine. I always respond by telling them that they don't have to have hair like mine, and should try to embrace their natural texture -- whatever that may be. Heck, my current texture isn't what it should be thanks to the heat damage I've incurred, so we should all be careful for what we wish for!

Anyway, I love the fact that this site specifically caters to a certain hair type -- one of the most feared hair types at that. The following introduction is posted on the home page of the site:

Why is the site limited to tightly coiled, highly textured Black hair?

The reason it is limited to this hair type is because we have found that it is the hair type most feared and vilified in our community. It's the only hair type we can't stay natural with for long if we "fear the 'fro" (thanks to Taritac & LBellatrix for that term). Napptural hair is the type labeled "bad," nappy hair that needs to be "fixed."

So ladies, let's stop "fearing the fro," and learn to embrace one's unique texture. I bet if more women embraced their natural hair, they'd be surprised at all the styles they could create.

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