Thursday, May 14, 2009


How to Get Straight, Shiny Locs This Summer

I have vowed to avoid my flat iron as much as possible during these summer months, but the following post on caught my eye. I'm loving Fergie's silky straight locs! It's reminiscent of the silky straight look Alicia Keys rocked at the Correspondent's Dinner at the White House a few nights ago (Get the lovely pics here: The YBF). According to, you can cop this look by following these steps:

THE LOOK: Long and Shiny

Section your hair in the center and blow-dry straight with a hair-relaxing balm. After the hair is dry, work in a small amount of styling lotion with your fingers to smooth it out. Straighten the hair with a flat iron and finish with a hair oil for added shine and smoothness.

For more info on this and other looks, check out the following link: Get Hollywood Hair.

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