Thursday, May 7, 2009


Exotic Eyes

I recently sported this look on date night with the hubby. I used a variety of colors from different palettes. The specific palettes that were used are pictured below. I've also listed the specific colors I used and where. They are as follows:

  • Multi-colored palette by Icing
  • EP24 Unforgettable palette by L.A. Colors
  • EP25 Fabulous palette by L.A. Colors
  • Blond Pearl by NYX
  • Golden Retriever by Prestige

#1. Apply Blond Pearl by NYX to the inner corner of each eyelid
#2. Apply Golden Retriever by Prestige on top of the Blond Pearl
#3. Apply the deep magenta color from the EP25 Fabulous palette to the center of each eyelid
#4. Apply the deep brown color in the EP24 Unforgettable palette to the outer corner of each eyelid and drag into the crease
#5. Darken up the deep brown by adding some of the black from the Icing palette on top. Blend well.
#6. Apply the center color in the EP24 Unforgettable palette to the brow bone, but stop at the arch.
#7. Apply the golden brown color (4th from the left) in the EP24 Unforgettable palette to the brow bone after the arch and continue to slope downward
#8. Be sure to blend all the colors together

More pics of the finished look:


lakitiamarie said...

Very, very pretty! I'm not sure how you are able to get a close up shot of your eyes and pic is not blurry. Share your secret!

DPrincess28 said...

Luck. A lot of the pics were blurry, and I had to toss them out, so I consider myself lucky to have been able to get these shots :).

Fabulosity said...

The gold color looks excellent and vibrant! Very nice.

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks fabulosity!