Monday, June 29, 2009


Protecting Your Hair From Chlorine

Summertime brings the heat, and most of us want nothing more than to throw on a bikini and jump in the nearest pool to keep cool. Aside from providing relief from the warm weather, swimming can also help you maintain your bikini body, as it is a great, low impact workout. Yet, whether one chooses to take a dip in the pool to keep cool or get a workout, protecting one's hair while swimming is important, for chlorine can wreak havoc on our tresses.

Some ladies have asked me what I do to protect my hair while I swim, and although I've answered this question on an individual basis several times, I have yet to do a post. Thus, I think it's important to know that the best way for anyone to protect their hair while swimming is to wet it prior to getting into the pool. Our hair is very porous, so if it is already soaking wet, it can't absorb as much chlorinated water as it would if one were to jump into the pool with dry hair. Now, I've seen a lot of ladies of different races put baby oil or some type of oil in their hair to protect it from chlorine's harsh effects. Yet, I hate the fact that so many women do that to the point where the oil builds up in the pool, making it a cloudy, oily mess!

I was reading the latest issue of US Weekly, and in their article, "Get Hot Hair by the Pool," (June 29, 2009, pg. 76) celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend offered this advice for prepping one's hair for swimming:

"Before jumping in, make sure to drench your locks with fresh water. 'Hair that's already saturated absorbs fewer chemicals.'"

Furthermore, Warren-Tricomi Los Angeles stylist Kaz Amor had this to offer: "If your hair is porous, 'seal hair shafts with a drop of neem or argan oil from the health-food store.'"

Do you hear that ladies? If you opt to add oil for protection, you only need a drop! Others advise using a leave-in conditioner in place of oil, but that's up to each individual's discretion. Remember, no matter what you choose to put in your hair prior to getting into the pool, be sure to wash all the chlorine out when you're done. Sally's carries a swimmer's shampoo, but a good clarifying shampoo will also do the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post...I have been doing it wrong...I would have my hair dry and then put on a leave in conditioner. I have been swimming for the last couple of days so today I did it with wet hair and it was easier washing it out today.