Thursday, June 4, 2009


Two Smokey, Hot Pink Eyes

The hubby and I are going dancing tomorrow night, and I'll be wearing the hot pink number I recently got from Forever 21 (scroll down for pic). I wasn't sure what makeup look I wanted to wear with it, so I tested out two hot pink smokey eye looks. One is more along the lines of a traditional dark, smokey eye, and the other is a lighter version of the smokey eye that mainly consists of pinks. To get the looks, I used the following palettes:
  • Midnight Sparkle pencil by Lorac
  • It's A Girl/Eggplant duo by Jane
  • C-159 Blossom by Prestige
  • EP23 Serenade palette by L.A. Colors
  • Multi-Color palette by Icing
  • Ice Queen by Ulta
The Right Eye: Deep Smokey Look

#1. Fill in the lower lid with the Midnight Sparkle pencil.
#2. Apply the matte black color from the Multi-Color palette by Icing on top of the Midnight Sparkle. Pat it on until you get a really deep black.
#3. Take the fourth color (from the left) in the EP23 Serenade palette and apply it to the crease.
#4. Take the C-159 Blossom color and add it on top of the hot pink in the crease. Make sure to blend it in well with the black until you get that smoked out look.
#5. Apply It's A Girl by Jane & then the first color in the EP23 Serenade palette to the brow bone as a highlight.
#6. Sweep some of the C-159 Blossom color underneath the lid to finish the look.

The Left Eye:
Light Smokey Look


#1. Apply Ice Queen by Ulta to the inner corner of the eyelid and below.
#2. Apply It's A Girl by Jane to the center of the lid and outer corner.
#3. Apply the third color (from the left) in the EP23 Serenade palette on top of It's A Girl only to the center portion of the lid.
#4. Apply the fourth color (from the left) in the EP23 Serenade palette to the outer corner of the lid and drag into the crease.
#5. Apply the C-159 Blossom color on top of that, being sure to concentrate on the outer corner and the crease.
#6. Apply a small amount of the matte black color in the Multi-Color palette by Icing to the corner of the lid and drag it out partially over the crease to darken the pink.
#7. Add Ice Queen by Ulta to the brow bone as a highlight.
#8. Sweep some of the C-159 Blossom underneath the lid starting at the center and carry it out to the corner.

*For both eyes, I applied liquid liner to the upper lid. However, I dragged the line out (winged it) for the lighter look to make it more dramatic (Dragging it out on the dark smokey eye wasn't necessary since it was already a dramatic look. Plus, it wouldn't have stood out as much anyway). I used a black pencil on the lower lid for both eyes, and added a couple coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

I must say that I like both looks. I was initially drawn to the left eye (light smokey look), but when I held the dress I'm going to wear up to my chest, the dark smokey eye stood out, so I think I'll be going with that one. Besides, I think a dark smokey eye is best suited for a night out anyway. The only thing I plan to do differently is spend more time blending the dark pink with the black to give it a richer, smoked out look.


Anonymous said...

Wow, both eyes look amazing. The right eye looks as though you were shining an extra bright light just on that one eye. It's amazing how makeup can change a persons' visual appearance.
Did you see the latest photos of President and First Lady walking in the halls (I don't know what the occasion was for) but Mrs. Obama's hair and makeup was absolutely refined and gorgeous. She was rocking a really nice outfit with capris and had these big round earrings on. She looked very stylish, modern and she is definitely throwing a little hipness to the First Lady's role.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing at applying make up!! nice job! i have some pink outfits and i will be trying theese (i hope i do as well as you lol)

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks, glad you guys like it! If you try it, you have to let me know how it turns out.

Oh, and I did see recent pics of Michelle. She is looking more and more fab as time goes on!

bluebonnet67 said...

Both looks are beautiful! Hope we get to see the total look! Have fun dancing!

Hair Strandz said...

I like both looks! Im going to try both of these this weekend cause i just love me some pink!

Avillacorta said...

Both are nice but the right eye is more vavavoom! Lol love that dress. What are you gonna wear on your lips? Ok gotta finish packing, have fun on your date night. I'm off to the beach with my hubby and in laws. Pray for me, its already drama and haven't left yet.

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks girl. Have fun at the beach! Going with the in-laws...ooh, I will pray for you, LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!...Ok...I think I am going to have to take the plunge and try these kind of brands...I have been a department store cosmetic Diva for years!..and I have been a little snooty to drug store brands...but with these hard times I am not able to keep the habit like I used to....I am going to try a couple of these brands...maybe the NYX since that is one of the lines that you suggest....And once again eyes are rockin!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks Kkolicole! Yes girl, you don't have to use department store brands to get bangin' looks. I do however stick to dept. store brands when using stuff on my face, like foundation, powder, blush, etc. Those tend to be of higher quality and don't break my face out. Everything else is drug store items for me!