Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hair Rant: My Hair Woes Update #4

As we all know, I've been using this year to focus on getting my hair back on a healthy track. My hair is healthy for the most part, but I really can't wait until I rid myself of all the heat-damaged ends. I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my hair since I've been abstaining from heat. Reducing the frequency with which I flat iron my hair (I was flat ironing it once a week and now only do it once every 4-6 weeks) has greatly improved the condition of my ends. I no longer feel the need to trim my ends once every 4-8 weeks. Instead, I trim them once every three months on average.

On Thursday, July 2, I decided to document the status of my hair and give myself a much needed trim/cut. These were my stats:
  • 7 weeks and a day since last flat iron
  • 14 weeks since last trim
  • 13 weeks and 2 days since cutting off ~ 2 inches
Here's what my natural curls looked like prior to blow drying and flat ironing my hair:


Left Side

Right Side

As you can see, I have more loose curls on the left side of my head than I do my right. You can probably notice the damage a little better in this pic of my blow-dried hair:

Do you see how the lower left side doesn't wave up? I didn't blow dry my hair bone straight, as I am trying to not fry my hair. In fact, this is the second time this year I've blow dried my hair prior to straightening it. I've been air drying it to reduce the amount of heat I use on my hair. Here's a pic of it straightened:

Hair freshly straightened and trimmed

After I trimmed my ends, I decided to cut off a good two inches of my hair. I believe I removed a little more than that in some places, as I prefer to have my hair longer in the middle and shorter on the sides to compensate for the fact that my hair grows slower in the middle and at the crown. Here's some of the hair I cut:

Bye bye heat damaged ends!

This is what I was left with:

See the difference?

Every time I cut off some of the heat-damaged ends, I move one step closer to getting a full head of bouncy curls back!

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