Monday, July 13, 2009


Product Haul 7.10.09

I went shopping at Ulta last Friday, and although I had my eye on the Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box, I didn't buy it :-(. Once I added all the other items that I needed to my basket, chunking down $36.00 on that one item seemed a bit extra. Perhaps I'll pick it up next payday, but one thing's for sure: the colors in that palette are the bomb! I applied swatches of each color on my hand and they all popped! Okay, enough about that. Talking about it is just going to make me long for it more…

Here are the makeup items I did purchase:

  • N.Y.C. eyebrow pencils in dark brown (they now come with a tiny sharpener, which is great because I needed a new one!)
  • Adore cheek color by Ulta (This is a really pretty, pink color with gold flecks. I'll be debuting it in an upcoming tutorial.)
  • Ulta eye shadow quad in Girly Girl
I also bought a few new lippies (I love this cute term for lipstick/lip gloss!). The first one on the left was purchased at Target, and the others are from Sally's Beauty Supply:

(From left to right)
  • 309B Sheer Red by N.Y.C. (I dropped this in the store and was so mad at myself because I cracked the top. Of course I had to buy it after that!)
  • 1st Crush by Sally Girl
  • Poser by Sally Girl
  • LOL by Sally Girl
  • Girly Girl by Sally Girl
309B Sheer Red on lips

1st Crush on lips

Poser on lips

LOL on lips

Girly Girl on lips

Look out for these fabulous colors in upcoming tutorials!


bluebonnet67 said...

All of those are beautiful colors! I need to branch out with my lip color I always find myself wearing the same color with everything!

DPrincess28 said...

Girl, I'm the same way! I have to force myself to try new colors.