Monday, August 10, 2009


Working Out Outdoors without Getting Sick

I love working out outdoors. Taking long walks is one of my favorite things to do. I find working out outside more enjoyable than working out inside a gym simply because the time seems to go by a lot quicker when I'm looking at nature, cars, and or passerby's versus staring at the walls inside a gym. In my blog post, Take it To The Streets, I explained how studies have shown that those who workout outdoors even burn more calories (up to 10% more) than those who workout inside a gym. Yet, working out outdoors can also have its drawbacks, especially if you suffer from allergies like I do.

The pollen-filled air and even grass definitely are not my friends when allergy season rolls around. Luckily, Webmd has published a new article about how to stave off an allergy attack. By taking certain precautions, we can workout outside without having a nasty allergy attack get us down. For the full scoop, check out: Allergy Tips for Outdoor Living.

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