Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A Natural Tale: Michelle's Story

A beautiful young diva named Michelle submitted her natural hair story to Protecting Your Crown & Glory a few months back. Unlike the transitional tales that are featured here every other Wednesday, Michelle is unique in that she has always been natural. Yet, it's important to note that even natural haired ladies can experience ups and downs when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Below is Michelle's hair care story in detail.

PYCAG: I understand that you are natural. Have you ever been relaxed?
I'm 100% natural -- always have been, and I have no plans to ever relax!

PYCAG: Tell us a little bit about your experience being natural.
Michelle: I'm 19 and since I was about 13, my hair has been up and down health wise. I've always had long hair, the longest being hip length, but like I said when I hit 13 and started taking care of my own hair, the up and down battle began.

PYCAG: Describe one of the "down" times in your hair care journey.
Michelle: This pic of my hair super straight was a period in which my hair was very damaged. I think I was 17 and was flat ironing my hair or getting it done every other week, but I wasn't taking very good care of it. My hair was arm pit length at the time and very thin.

PYCAG: What about a time when your hair was in good condition?
Michelle: This next picture was taken (below to the left) around October of last year. As you can see, my hair is so much thicker and healthier here. When straight, it was at bra strap length (BSL). My hair is now grazing my waist when straight and is much fuller than it used to be.

PYCAG: Describe your current regimen.
Michelle: I co-wash my hair up to three times a week. In addition, I shampoo and do a protein/deep conditioning treatment once a week or sometimes I deep condition twice a week. I use leave-in conditioners such as Giovanni's Direct Leave-in, John Masters Detangle, QP Mango Butter, and Bio Infusion Olive Oil Hair Moisturizer. I seal with an oil daily (coconut, avocado, or olive oil).

If I'm wearing my hair down, I only oil my ends and apply a tiny bit of mousse or spray a light mist of Nexxus Curl Energee (I don't really have a favorite mousse. I just use whatever is in my collection). I currently have Nexxus for curls and Garnier Fructis. I don't straighten my hair much anymore, so I don't have a good regimen for that yet.

PYCAG: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us regarding your hair care routine?
Michelle: The best advice I've gotten from you (DPrincess28) is to co-wash after a workout. I run two miles, six days a week, so I'm co-washing every two days, which is really helping to keep my hair moisturized. I also benefited from your (DPrincess28's) advice regarding protein. I've only been following you (DPrincess28/PYCAG) for two months now, and I already see a big difference in the strength of my hair with the protein treatments.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your natural hair story with us. I'm glad you have been able to benefit from the information you've found here and on my YouTube channel. We wish you continued success in your hair care journey!


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