Friday, August 28, 2009


Urban Decay Primer Potion

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and sliced open my container of Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). I pulled out the following knife to assist me in the process:

As I began cutting through it, I realized I needed something sharper, so I then pulled this bad boy out:

The second knife enabled me to cut through the tube. Once I split it in half, I used the wand to scoop out the remaining product that was hidden inside the curves of the tube. I placed the product inside a tiny container I received from MAC when they were out of full sized containers of my Studio Fix Foundation shade and instead gave me some samples:

Apparently, a lot of ladies aren't too fond of UDPP's package design because they feel that it cheats them out of a lot of product. Well, I've had my UDPP for a year or so now, and you can see that even after that amount of time, there was still a pretty significant amount of product in the tube:

The packaging may not be great, but I love UDPP because you definitely get your money's worth!


Trellis said...

wow, coincidence! I just did that yesterday too, and It was amazing how much product was left in the tube. If it doesn't dry out, I can probably go another year. Thanks for sharing. PS, keep the lid on tight.

lakitiamarie said...

WOW! I didn't know ladies were cutting open the tube for the remaining product. I definitely will keep this in mind becuase you have a good amount left.