Tuesday, September 8, 2009



In the September/October issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Care Guide, there is an article titled "Sleeping Pretty," which discusses various ways to preserve one's hairstyle at night. Hair stylist and salon owner Keisha Bogan of Atlanta, GA, offers pincurls as one way to keep the hair looking fresh in subsequent days after heat styling. The article states:

"Give Pincurls A Whirl
To help prolong the wear of salon-fresh curls, stylist Bogan says pincurling is a great option. 'Separate hair into large sections, about five total,' the pro explains of the process. 'It depends on how curly you want your hair to be -- if you want a more wavy look, do less sections; for more curl, do more sections. Comb out any tangles, then in the direction of the curl, wrap hair around in a complete circle against your head. Take a duck bill hair clip and slide it in to secure the curl in the very center of the circle.' If you find these clips are too uncomfortable to wear while sleeping, the pro suggests substituting bobby pins" (Page 40).

Well, since I'm always looking for new ways to style and maintain my hair, I decided to take heed to Bogan's advice regarding pincurls. Below are the details regarding my first attempt at pincurling my hair:

#1. I started by distributing a quarter-sized amount of Bronner Bros Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion throughout my hair. Then, I created a part in the lower portion of my head (across the occipital bone).

#2. I then began sectioning my hair vertically, and took a small portion of hair to pincurl. I basically used my fingers to roll my hair around an imaginary roller, then once I made it to my head, I used bobby pins to secure it in place.

#3. I continued in the same manner described in step #3 until the entire first row of pincurls was complete.

#4. I made another horizontal part in the back of my head and began pincurling the second row. This time however, I alternated between using duck bill hair clips and bobby pins. It just depended on the width of the pincurl (i.e. duck bill hair clips for larger sections and bobby pins for smaller sections).

#5. I rolled all the hair under until I had a head full of pincurls.

#6. I covered the pincurls in my satin bonnet to protect them at night.

The next morning, I removed the bonnet and sprayed some oil sheen throughout my hair.

#8. After removing the pins, I finger combed through my hair so to not break up the curls…

#9. I was left with big, bouncy curls!


lakitiamarie said...

I love it! I have tried this method so many times. I can never get it quite right...but practice makes perfect. Thanks for posting!!

Avillacorta said...

Great curls. My mom always tells me to pincurl my hair at night. Well when I had longer hair. She has been doing it to her hair since she was a little girl.

bluebonnet67 said...

Your pincurls came out great! Another heat-free style to try in our Challenge! Thanks!

blkprincess87 said...

U are soo pretty...ur hair came out really nice

DPrincess28 said...

Thank you ladies and thanks so much blkprincess87 for the compliment! That's so sweet of you :-). XOXO