Thursday, October 8, 2009


10 Foods for Healthy Hair

Last winter I made a video titled, "Healthy Hair Tip: Eat Your Wheaties ;)," in which I explained the importance of nutrition when it comes to maintaining overall health -- and a healthy head of hair. Although I talked about diet and vitamins, it seems the one thing people took from that video was to take a multivitamin. True, vitamins are great in terms of filling in for deficiencies, but they will never compensate for a poor diet. You must eat right and obtain essential nutrients from food in order to keep your heart pumping! As blood continues to flow efficiently throughout the body, one's scalp will be nourished and also benefit from the nutrients in the blood stream.

A recent article on Yahoo! Shine stresses the importance of a healthy diet when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy head of hair. 10 Foods for Healthy Hair details all the foods you should try to incorporate in your diet and why. So, if your hair is shedding or just dull and lifeless, you may need to switch your focus away from the hair care aisle and instead head to the grocery store for the foods that will cure your hair care woes from the inside out.


Avillacorta said...

I read about this some where and it makes so much sense. Everything is affected by what we put in our bodies.

Ms. Harmony said...

Looks like I'm on the right track...