Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Transitional Tale: Humblebeauty's Story

A beautiful young diva by the name of Humblebeauty began her transition a little over a year ago. The picture above was taken during the time she was relaxed. Today she wishes to share her journey as she seeks to undo the work of dye and relaxers.

PYCAG: How long were you relaxed?
Humblebeauty: I was relaxed for 15 years. I got my first relaxer when I was around 13 years old. My mother didn't have the time or the right products to deal with my "big" hair, so she put a relaxer in it. I continued to get relaxers from then on. I didn't even think it was possible to go without a relaxer there for a minute! My last relaxer was September 11, 2008.

PYCAG: What inspired you to go natural?
Humblebeauty: I was inspired to go natural because I noticed a lot of women in my church starting to go without relaxers. Their hair looked so nice, and no one's hair looked the same. I thought to myself, well if they can do it, why can't I? I began looking at old pictures of how my hair looked before I got my first relaxer, and I began to wonder what my hair would look like today if I didn't have a relaxer. I didn't even know I had naturally wavy hair until I began this journey. I always thought my natural hair was just frizzy, unruly, and big because that's what my mom always told me. I therefore decided to go without a relaxer and that I would care for my own natural hair. I believe that my hair is nicer in its natural state than it was relaxed. I am loving my textured hair as it grows out.

PYCAG: Since you did not do the BC, how are you caring for your hair during the transition process?
Humblebeauty: One neat thing is that my relaxed hair does wave up, so I am able to wear curly styles even as my relaxer grows out. Don't get me wrong, this has still been an emotional journey, as sometimes I want to give up and just get a relaxer. I have cried and even wanted to just cut it all off, because some days my hair will do right and other days it will look like I just ran through a tornado. Ponytails have been my best friend during this transition. I am also refraining from heat during this process, as I hardly ever flat iron or blow dry my hair. I get my ends clipped every other month. Right now I co-wash about 3-4 times a week. I have used mayonnaise as a protein treatment and have done olive oil treatments.

PYCAG: What products are you currently using?
Humblebeauty: I switch up on different conditioners: Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner or Pantene Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner. I like to use the Olive Oil Hair Lotion by Organic Root Stimulator, Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, or Bronner Bros. Extra Lite Hair Grease. With styling products I pretty much stick with the Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner. Sometimes I will use the Aveda Be Curly, but Mixed Chicks is what I use most and works best for me.

PYCAG: What are your hair goals?
Humblebeauty: My goal is to have a head full of healthy natural curls. I wore my hair straight for so many years and don't even want to flat iron it now. I just want healthy natural curls with all of my relaxed hair & color gone. September 11, 2009 marked my one year hair anniversary! For so many years I relied on a hair stylist to do my hair. Now my goal is to learn how to care for my own hair. I am focusing on healthy hair right now and will focus on length later as I do want long, healthy, natural hair.

Thank you, Humblebeauty, for sharing your transitional story with us. We wish you the best of luck on your hair care journey!


Natzonice said...

Aw I like this story. Good on you Humblebeauty, I hope all goes well and you have lovely hair.
I'm refraining from heat too and am eating more veggies (for the Take Your Hair Back Challenge), which definately helps because I think my hair has grown so I will keep it up :).

Avillacorta said...

I was trying to comment on this post yesterday but my internet was acting crazy so if this is a double or triple post I appologize.
Humble your hair is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey/story with us.