Friday, October 30, 2009

Skin Care

The Healing Power of Tea Tree Oil

I recently ran out of my 5% benzoyl peroxide, so I've been using this tea tree oil I purchased from The Body Shop a while back to battle my breakouts. I recall the sales rep explaining to me that this could be used as an emergency zit zapper. In other words, although the benzoyl peroxide is great for continued use, the tea tree oil can be used to zap a zit that decides to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune time. Now, I can't say that it causes my zits to disappear instantly, but it is great at reducing inflammation overnight.

I really dislike the smell of tea tree oil, which is why I don't use it often, but I must say that it contains a lot of healing properties. I use it to zap zits and my husband uses it to battle razor bumps. In addition to being a great skin care item, it is also good as an ingredient for scalp treatments, as it can help relieve a dry, itchy scalp.

For more information on tea tree oil's amazing healing properties, check out the following article on titled, "Tea Tree Oil."


ColdDiva said...

You also may want to try Mario Badescu drying lotion in a little bottle and its pink...with the top half in a separated solution. When I worked in a department store my co-workers swore by it....still a tried and true for me!

Nicole said...

Tea tree is well know for it's healing properties. It has been used for years and the natives of Australia used it for many purposes. I use products that contain tea tree oil in everything from laundry detergent, acne treatments to disinfectant. It's all natural too. I highly recommend it.