Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Essence Magazine Names the 10 Great Brands for Natural Hair

Released on the heels of the motion picture, Good Hair, the November 2009 issue of Essence magazine offers tips on how to care for and manage natural hair. In an effort to assist those who are clueless about products that cater to natural tresses, Essence has compiled the following list of the "10 Great Brands for Natural Hair" (Page 42):

#1. Aveda--conditioners are a must, Aveda.com
#2. Curls--organic ingredients, Curls.biz
#3. DevaCurl--nice shampoo options, Devaconcepts.com
#4. Hair Rules--potions for every curl type, Hairrules.com
#5. Jane Carter Solution--solid moisturizers and scalp care, Janecartersolution.com
#6. Kinky-Curly--great for moms and kids, Kinky-curly.com
#7. Miss Jessie's--top curl and care products, Missjessies.com
#8. Organic Root Stimulator--stellar scalp care, Organicrootstimulator.com
#9. Ouidad--ideal for wavy curls, Ouidad.com
#10. PhytoSpecific--healthy moisturizers, Phytospecific.com

If you're just starting your journey to natural hair or are newly natural and need assistance finding products, you may want to check these out. I've only tried the Curls and Organic Root Stimulator line of hair care products, so if any of you have tried products from other lines in the list, please share your experience in the comment section.

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CaLiDiVa00 said...

I used the Phyto Relaxer for several months before deciding to stop. I intially believed the advertisments that it was a natural relaxer (shame on me, I know!) only to find it wasnt. My hair seemed to be breaking and felt too dry from use of it. It could have been other products I was using at the time but I didnt see enuf positive results to continue using it. I do want to try some of their other products from their styling line.

I just bought my first tube of MJ Curlly Pudding this weeknd. So excited, hopefully I'll get positive results!