Monday, November 16, 2009


Gift Sets for Christmas

I know some of you are thinking, "Girl, we haven't even had Thanksgiving and you're already talking about Christmas!" Yet, truth be told, now is the time to start planning for Christmas, as Black Friday will be the perfect opportunity to snag great deals. Ulta is just one of many stores that will be carrying great gift items for the holidays, and I've compiled a list of some items to keep on your radar for the girly girl in your life…and you!

1. 9-Piece Beauty Gift Set with Sequin Bag

This Sequin Bag by Jasmine La Belle contains 6 eye shadows and 3 various-sized brushes. Get it at for $12.99.

2. Wish for the Perfect Palette

This 96-piece makeup kit by Smashbox is a $225 value for just $59.00. It includes an array of products for the face, eyes, cheeks and lips. The best part is that when you purchase this set for yourself or as a gift, you also give a gift of $1 to be donated to the Children's Miracle Network, a nonprofit organization that provides care to sick and injured children. Get yours here at It received 5 out of five kisses from the reviewers, which is a sign that it's a good buy :-).

3. Girls Night Out 10-Piece Mini Lip Gloss Gift Set
Now, this is the perfect gift for me, LOL! I love lip gloss, and this faux-leather case contains 10 fabulous shades. All this for just $14.99 at

4. Get Gorgeous 69 pc. Blockbuster Cosmetic Kit

Here's another fabulous makeup kit for the makeup lover! Whether you choose the pink, bronze, or black train case, you'll still get all the fabulous eye shadows, blushes, and lip colors. This kit received 4.5 out of five kisses from the reviewers and is available for purchase at for $19.99.

5. Bath Smoothies & Body Swirl Creams (Buy 2 get 2 free)

Ulta carries 3-in-1 shower smoothies that come in a variety of scents and can be used as a bubble bath, shampoo, or body wash. Each costs $6.99, but if you buy 2, you get 2 free! Choose your flavor at

Once you've freshly showered or bathed in a delicious shower smoothie, you'll need an equally delicious moisturizer to top it off. Ulta carries 2-in-1 body swirl creams that also come in a variety of flavors. You can mix and match any of these with the shower smoothies for the 2 for 2 deal. Get yours at


sssdawna said...

yes, i got this catalogue w/ my rewards in the mail! so tempting to buy stuff now instead of waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday lol

DPrincess28 said...

Girl yes! I'll be using my rewards too :-).

Astride said...

Heyyy, I was just wondering if you've ever ordered anything off the website before? I was just trying to buy a few things...and then the website told me the purchase couldn't go thru. I called customer service, and the lady on the phone asked me for my login information, AND my card information, and when I told her I didn't want multiple charges to occur, she said "oh, they WON'T" and THEN, she asked me if I had free shipping, which I did, which brought my order to just under $30 after tax. So she does whatever she was doing and says again "uhh, it's not working right now, the website is messing up and not letting anyone's order go through" NOW, I have THREE charges on my bank account, cuz she submitted my order TWO more times, ANNND, she didn't even enter the coupon code for the additional attempts, so there are two extra $35.19 charges in addition to the one $29 and change that I ended up putting on there! ughh...I hope this all gets resolved soon. The lady says the charges would be dropped in 72 hrs...but I'm just not sure how much I trust that. I should have never given out that information over the phone anyway... =/