Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Bald & The Beautiful

In my post titled, "Don't Pull That Pony Too Tight!", I discuss how traction alopecia, a condition caused by too much tension being placed on the scalp, can lead to baldness. We know the harm that braids, weaves, and too tight ponytails can place on the scalp, but did you know that the glue from weaves, lace fronts, and too frequent touch ups can also lead to baldness?

According to "Scalp Help," an article featured on page 32 in the January 2010 issue of Essence Magazine, black women are heading to dermatologists in droves thanks to styling methods that are causing hair loss:

'Black women are weaving, braiding and twisting locks too tightly; getting relaxers too frequently; and allowing glue [from weaves or lace-fronts] to destroy their scalp,' says Elena Jones, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. Baldness at the crown is the result of these bad actions. 'If we don't curb these practices, many women will be wearing wigs because there won't be enough hair to weave anything to,' says Jones. Never should you experience headaches, small bumps or pulled-back tightened facial skin from tight braiding, weaving or lock twisting. And you really should wait eight to ten weeks between relaxers. If you're balding at the crown, see your dermatologist to confirm if your condition is due to styling abuse or genetics.'

So, for those of you who are relaxed and don't wish to go natural, stretching your relaxers (i.e. increasing the length of time between touch ups) may help improve the health of your scalp, which in turn will aid in hair growth. After all, healthy hair must come from a healthy scalp, so guarding against harsh styling methods and allowing the scalp time to rest in between services will prevent hair loss and lead to luscious locks.


Avillacorta said...

This is a really good article. I may just pick up the mag to read this.

Laine Didi Lina said...

Hi girl!
Love your blog!
I got an article too about alopecia on my blog! If you could check it =)
It's so sad how our spirits tend to be controlled!
But thanks god we're Natural =)
God bless!