Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The "Take Back Your Hair" Challenge is Ova!

Well ladies, we made it! Now is the time to see what three months of little to no heat, regular deep conditioning treatments, and constant moisture has done for our tresses. Please submit your after photos to DPrincess_28@yahoo.com as soon as possible so I can put together our comparison blog post and video. I can't wait to show the world what proper maintenance and a little TLC can do for our hair. A big thanks and congrats to everyone who participated! I know the no-heat clause was the hardest to abide by, but I trust that we all stuck to the rules :-).

Again, please send those after photos in ASAP. I can't wait to see the progress everyone has made!




Avillacorta said...

Pictures have finally been sent. Can't wait to see everyone's results.

sssdawna said...

you are an inspiration, thanks for keeping your blog up! now that i have a camera i plan to participate in your next challenge <3


Hey DPrincess I probably won't get my pics in until This Friday that is when I get my hair straightened.

Natzonice said...

Hi I'm just waiting for the software for my mobile to upload onto my laptop (as I'm typing) then i'll email the pics. :D

*Me* said...

It was so refreshing to go without heat, I made it all the way til the last week before I blow dried my hair. And hated wearing it straight! lol...I felt so free when I washed my hair. I would send in my pics but I straightened it so I could get it cut, and I let her take a few inches so I dont know how much it actually grew during that time :-( Thank you so much for the challenge though, I would have never in my 29 years imagined going 3 months sans heat...you're the best!