Monday, November 1, 2010


Thanks & Brazilian Blowouts

In this video I thank my lovely subscribers for all the well wishes during my pregnancy. I also share my introduction to and opinion of Brazilian Blowouts. For more information on Brazilian Blowouts, check out the links listed below the video.

  1. Brazilian Blowout FAQs
  2. Have You Had a Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment?
  3. Brazilian Blowout Report on Good Morning America
  4. The Brazilian Blowout Allegedly Contains A LOT of Formaldehyde: What Does This Mean For The Future Of Hair Straightening?


artzy93y said...

Funny that you mention the Brazilian Blowout. Just recently, I have considered getting what is known as a Keratin Treatment. It sounds exactly like the Brazilian Blowout. I am completely natural and was considering it because I am highly active in volleyball so I am tired of sweating out my roots every practice and every game. From what I have read, the treatment is supposed to wear off after the 6 months revealing your natural curl pattern again =/ ?

velitawalker said...

Have you heard of Xenna chemical free relaxer. Im interested in the product but hesitant even though it has good reviews online.

Avillacorta said...

Congrats on the baby boy! Glad you did this post. I did see the news report about the brazilian blowout so that definitely changed my mind from trying it. For one I don't want any chemicals in my hair and two I'm pregnant and I don't think Formaldehyde is good at all for anyone. I know that's why they were wearing mask because of the healthy risk involved with inhaling it. Good job on asking questions and researching it then passing on the info to us. Thx a ton!

Anonymous said...

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