Thursday, April 28, 2011

Q and A Volume 4

Q&A Vol 4: Pregnancy & Labor

At last, another installment of my Q&A series. I received a ton of questions about pregnancy and labor, so here it goes...

FYI, for those of you who are currently pregnant, have children, or are planning to conceive, check out This site served as a great resource for me, as it has tons of information and tips that will guide you through pregnancy, from conception to delivery and beyond!


EbonyCPrincess said...

Sounds like more research and referrals would've been helpful in finding a more compassionate doctor. Even though you said "not all" I did take slight offense to your attitude about physicians. Just like with any other profession, there are good and there are bad. People don't do any research at all and then are the first to yell when they feel a doctor has done wrong. Coming from a newly graduating medical doctor. Also - rocking stilettos throughout an entire pregnancy isn't healthy, yet you promoted it as if anyone who couldn't or doesn't do the same has somehow failed to stay fly. Overall a very condescending video.

DPrincess28 said...

@EbonyCPrincess: Wow. Sorry you felt that way. As far as the doctor goes, I did have a good one, but the doctor you visit isn't guaranteed to be there the day of delivery. I chose a midwife because I didn't want a lot of medical intervention, but due to the hospital's policy (you can only push for 3 hours), they sent in a random doctor, whom I had never met before, to check on me. As for the stiletto comment, I was actually advised to not wear heels and the one time I wore flats, my ankle blew up, and yet I had no problem wearing heels. I have no idea why you found the vid condescending. It was about MY experiences and wasn't meant to offend anyone.