Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Gossip Girl Swag

I love watching Gossip Girl for two reasons: Chuck Bass. Let's face it, if he and his cocky attitude weren't on the show, the show would be boo boo...I'm just saying. In any case, there's actually another reason why I love the show: the clothes!

The character who has the most style to me is Serena Vanderwoodsen, played by Blake Lively. She's rocked some dresses and fits that I wish were hanging in my closet. Homegirl's got style on and off the show. Just peep some of the looks she's rocked:

On a side note, I wonder how long new cast member Tika Sumpter is gonna last???

Chick is gorge! It would be cool if they keep her on but since they've hooked her up with Nate, she'll probably fade into the background sooner rather than later...

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