Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The 2011 BET Awards Show & Other Fabulousness...

Although I missed this year's BET Awards Show, I didn't miss out on some of the hot looks that hit the red carpet. I knew that my fav celeb blog, The YBF, wouldn't dissapoint, and sure enough, I hit it up to see some of the fabulous award show red carpet looks featured below. Some of the pics you're about to see are from the actual awards show, while others were taken at various celeb parties/events. I chose to highlight the looks that I liked the most, so here goes:

I love this edgy look on Eve. I'm even digging her extra long, side swept braid.

Horizontal strips can be a big no, no for some, but Angel Lola Luv (aka Lola Monroe) has the right hourglass shape to make this dress a hit!

I'm digging everything about this look, from the clothes, to the hair and makeup. Actress Elise Neal stuns in this azure blue dress.

I haven't seen this former DC3 member in a minute, but she sure did choose a hawt look to come out of hiding in.

Next up is Nicki Minaj. I'm loving that cheetah print bag and cropped blazer.

And last but not least, we have my favorite girlfriend, Jill Marie Jones. I know boots can get hot, but I just love how they look when paired with a summer dress or shorts. We miss you Toni!!!

What were your favorite red carpet looks?

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loica12 said...

awww Michelle... I missed the BET but why Nicky Minaj's bag is so big? Not for a gala in my opinion...