Monday, June 13, 2011


$3.00 vs. $11.00 Coconut Oil

In my video titled, "My Favorite Products: Hair & Skin Care," I listed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as one of my favorite hair care products. I purchased it as an alternative to EVOO since I was looking for something slightly heavier and more moisturizing to put in my son's hair. Well, I received a few comments from some of my subbies, informing me that $11.00 is a lot to spend on coconut oil, and that I should purchase the $3.00 variety from my local Indian market. Well, I did, and must say that there is a BIG difference between the $3.00 and $11.00 coconut oil!

My husband, who doesn't consider himself to be a hair aficionado by any means, knew immediately that something wasn't right about the $3.00 coconut oil I purchased after we ran out of the $11.00 variety. For one, we both noticed that the $3.00 jar of coconut oil stinks! Instead of smelling like the sweet aroma of freshly cracked coconuts, it smells like burnt, roasted peanuts! Secondly, I've found that the $3.00 variety dries out quicker, and isn't as moisturizing. With that said, I decided to do some research, just to see what the difference is:

#1. The $11.00 coconut oil is organic, meaning that the coconuts were grown without pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers, which makes them healthier. I know some of you may think "who cares if it's healthier," considering that you're putting it in your hair, not in your body...but guess what? If it's going on your skin or scalp, then it's getting into your pores, which means that it is going into your body, so the organic, "healthier" variety is best.

#2. The $11.00 coconut oil is "expeller pressed," meaning that the oil is extracted from the coconuts by physical, or rather, mechanical means, as opposed to a chemical extraction. Using solvents and or chemicals to extract the oil is the quicker and cheaper route, but this method produces a lower quality oil. I believe this to be true, as the $3.00 coconut oil I purchased is not as moisturizing as the $11.00, expeller pressed variety.

So ladies and gents, I've said all that to say this: cheaper isn't always better. For those of you who have yet to experience what it's like to moisturize the hair with organic, expeller pressed coconut oil, you may want to consider upgrading to the $11.00 jar. A little goes a long way, so you'll still get the right bang for your buck, and a better quality oil at that!


Ms. Harmony said...

My jar of organic EVCO was $10 at whole foods...I'm going to stick with it because I experienced what you the exact results you have in your post.

EbonyCPrincess said...

Great post. And my EVCO lasts me a good while so I'll stick with the pricier version.

srednov said...

Thank you for this post. I never really knew there was a difference. On a hunt now to find an EVCO right now...(dashes out the door, keys in hand).

LaaLaa Monroe said...

I love coconut oil for my hair and it's true cheaper isn't always better. Sometimes you have to pay that little extra for the benefits you reap.

Chidalu said...

wait i have a cold pressed coconut oil jar from Nature's way and its organic but it was only like $5. is cold and expeller pressed the same thing?

Mookey Brown said...

I bought La tourangelle expeller pressed refined coconut oil in the kroger supermaket for 8 $