Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Color my World

I mentioned in my post titled, "A Random Hair Update," that I am incredibly bored with my hair (trust, I've since done something about that, but more on that later...). Well, as you know, most of my color has faded, and although I recently dyed the front of my hair with a semi-permanent color by Bigen, the results left much to be desired. So, I've been looking at pics of dye jobs I like in hopes of finding my new 'do. Right now I'm really loving the two-toned effect, a look that can be worn a number of ways. Below are a few pics that depict the dye jobs I admire most.

#1. Bottom's Up

Keyshia Cole has chosen to add color to the top half of her head, leaving the bottom portion black. However, I'm considering doing the reverse by keeping my natural dark hair color on top, and changing the bottom half to a color in the red family. Yet, instead of using dye (which can make the hair extremely dry), I plan on having a partial weave installed to achieve the desired effect.

Here's another peek at this look:

#2. It's Bangin'

Angela Simmons is rocking colored bangs, which is something I've always done for the sake of sparing the bulk of my hair from damage. I like how the color is dispersed throughout the top layers only, leaving the tips of her bangs dark, which is something I haven't done. I tend to do the opposite by placing the color a few inches down the shaft through to the tips so that the chemicals don't seep into my pores. Yet, she still has peek-a-boo roots, so this may just work for me after all.

#3. Ombre

The ombre look appears to be growing in popularity among celebs and YouTube gurus (Lover4FASHION did a tutorial titled How to: Ombre/Lighten Virgin Hair Extensions, demonstrating how to get the effect via a sew-in). It's a beautiful, sun-kissed look that I think is perfect for summer and fall.

I don't plan to color my hair again until December, so you'll just have to wait and see which color option I choose...;-)

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