Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Beauty Supply Store Haul
September 2011 

On a recent trip to my local beauty supply store, I picked up the following goodies:

#1. Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator

In my video titled Thanks Huffington Post & Curl Activator Gels, I asked you guys to chime in on the various Eco Styler Gels that are currently on the market. I've heard so many mixed reviews on the product, and therefore wanted to get feedback from my subbies so that I could finally make a decision on which Eco Styler gel to purchase. However, some of you not only commented on Eco Styler gel, but also on other gels that you felt performed well. Hawaiian Silky's curl activator gel was one of them. Ironically, one of my sisters recommended that I purchase Hawaiian Silky's gel shortly after my video posted, as she too had sampled it and loved it. Since I already love Hawaiian Silky's 14-in-1 Miracle Worker, I figured there's a good chance I'll love their gel as well. I've already used it once and dig it, but will of course have to use it some more before I can give you guys a full review on it, so stay tuned...

#2. The Wavemaker Wave Cap

Okay, so this next item actually isn't for me. I bought a wave cap for my husband because I plan to put together a hair care regimen for him. I've been cutting his hair for a minute now, and am trying to get better at it, but the one thing I really need to focus on is helping him keep his hair moisturized, because like a lot of men, he just washes his hair in the shower and bounces. Conditioner...hello??? So yeah, I'm gonna try to get him to keep his hair conditioned and moisturized, and a good way of doing that is to wear a wave cap, which is basically the male equivalent of a satin scarf. I purchased this one in particular because it claims it doesn't leave any annoying rings around the forehead, which, by the way, can be painful and leave a welt/bruise that may stick around longer than you'd like it to. I'll let you know how things go. Since I have a son now, learning how to deal with men and their hair is a definite must.

#3. 18" Spanish Wavy Hair & Wig Clips

I've used clip in hair pieces in the past and even did a tut on how to make Homemade Clip-in Hair Pieces. Yet, I have never had super long extensions and wanted to try something new for a change. This is a mix of "human hair," or so the package says, although I have never known a pack of human hair to retail for $19.99. Anyway, I just got it because it is 18" long, which is exactly the length I was looking for, and has a pretty wave to it. It's also curling iron safe, so I can apply heat styling tools to it if necessary. Here's a look at the hair up close:

I already made the extensions, and let me tell you they were a FAIL! But we'll talk about that later...  

#4. False Eyelashes

The flash dulled out the image above, but these are Red Cherry #510. They provide a fabulous, dramatic touch to any look. Peep what they look like here:


Miss. Leah said...

Ooooooo love the lashes!!

DPrincess28 said...

@Miss. Leah: Thanks Girl. I think these are my fav ;-)