Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Beyond the Zone Stiff Head

I've been looking for a wax stick ever since I saw YouTuber BrittneyWins use one to slick her edges back in one of her tutorials. Although the Pre-conditioning Light gel by Isoplus does a great job of slicking my edges down when my hair is curly, it causes my edges to wave up and basically revert when I apply it to flat ironed tresses. So, I figured a wax stick might be just the thing I need to keep my edges in check when I rock straight looks.

I've tried beeswax in the past to slick my edges down, but I found it to be very messy and basically did nothing but leave a big, greasy mess. Yet, the wax stick by Beyond the Zone, which contains beeswax, does a great job of slicking my edges down without the mess. Check it out:

The design allows for easy application, as I don't have to use my fingers to apply the product:

The wax stick retails for $6.49 at Sally Beauty Supply. Sally is currently having a 2-for-1 deal on all Beyond the Zone products, so now's the time to check it out if you're interested. I'll be featuring my first attempt using this product in an upcoming tutorial so stay tuned...

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