Monday, November 14, 2011

Healthy Hair Quiz

I stumbled upon this quiz while surfing the net the other day and thought it would be fun to share. It's basically a healthy hair quiz. Although it only covers a few basic questions, I think it will give you a general idea of how well you treat your hair.

My results were "Silver Medal Strands." I know I've made a lot of improvements with how I treat my hair since I started blogging, but apparently, I have more work to do. Did any of you get a gold medal??

Here are a few other quizzes to try:
  1. How healthy is your hair?
  2. Healthy hair quiz


Ms. Harmony said...

I'm a healthy hair superstar according to the quiz but I know there is room for improvements.

CocoEuro said...

According to the quiz, I have healthy haircare regimine BUT the test seems to gear towards type 1 or 2 hair types...(the "who wants oily hair" option gave it away)

Avillacorta said...

Diagnosis: Healthy Locks

I guess I can some what agree with that. I don't flat iron or blow dry more often but I do trim maybe every 3 to 6 months not weeks. I don't really care for my texture right now as it is different in every section. That's a headache. But it's no longer falling out at huge rates and when I do my styles it seems to hold up well and look healthy.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I love quizzes.

For the quiz I received a Silver Medal too. But I don't think I will retake this one because of the limited answers to choose from.

For the fitness magazine quiz I received a Diagnosis of "healthy locks" but I did not like this one because each of the 10 questions only gave me 3 choices and my true answer was hardly ever one of the choices.

And for, I got 66%. Not good, so I will eventually retake this one.

Peace and Blessings!