Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Gel Nails

I figured it's about time that I update you guys on my nails. So, back in August, I broke down and got gel nails. Gel nails are said to be less harsh than acrylic, but the process is virtually the same. My weekly manicures fell to the wayside, so I decided to allow the pros to take over.

I kept the nails for three months and played around with a few different designs:

Zebra tips

Hot pink glitter

After going three weeks without a fill, I finally went to the nail shop last Sunday. However, the nail tech informed me that most of my nails were lifting and needed to be removed. That was fine by me, because I was ready to let them go anyway. The thing I dislike most about fake nails is that the upkeep basically equates to another bill. So, instead of spending the $25.00 I usually spend for a fill (that price includes the tip), I walked out with a fabulous manicure for just $11.00:

Red comet
The downside to this whole process is that my nails are now paper thin! I'll now have to eat my Wheaties and wait for them to grow back stronger than they are now.


Miche'al said...

Good deal on the manicure. That was the issue I had with the gel manicure. I loved the way it lasted and the many colors I could lay with but it did so much damage to my nails. I had to stop.

Anonymous said...

You should try the Shellac gel polish. It lasts for 2 weeks and strengthens your nails. Works just like an overly w/ acrylic/gel set but without all the harmful affects it can have on your nails.