Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Protective Phony Pony & "Natural" Makeup

I mentioned in my January Length Update that I was going to wear "phony ponys" (Fake ponytails) as my protective style for the winter. Well, I got one and decided to record a video tut of me applying it. And of course, I had to throw in a makeup tut to go along with it. Hope you enjoy!

Pic of the Total Look

The Makeup

Products used:

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
-Too Faced Natural Eye Kit
-Black liquid eyeliner by E.L.F. (upper lids)
-Smolder eye kohl by MAC (lower lash line)
-The Max Volume Flash mascara in Extreme Black by Rimmel London (upper lashes)
-Lash MAXXX in Extreme Black by Rimmel London (bottom lashes)

-Pur Mineral 4-in-1 powder foundation in Deeper
-Blot powder in dark by MAC
-Raizin powder blush by MAC

-Nude Kiss lip gloss by Essence XXXL Nudes

For more pics of the makeup, see my Too Faced Natural Eye post.

The Hair

Drawstring HPL-51 available online at

Pics of the Hair


EbonyCPrincess said...

gorgeous hair look! that pony is super diva!

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks chica!!

Dannielle said...

The phony pony looks gorgeous on! I have never experimented with phony ponies, but I may have to now. Do you leave the drawstring loose?

DPrincess28 said...

@Danielle: Thanks! I usually bobby pin it down.

Cool Beans said...

Lovely protective style, nice lipstick colour too! :-)

Miss Dre said...

This is so cute! I love the makeup and the pony!


i like the phony pony,i need to buy me a couple!