Friday, February 3, 2012


Heat Damage 101

Heat damage is something that has plagued many of us natural haired ladies at some point or another. Seeing your perfect curls, coils or kinks be transformed into limp, straight strands can be frustrating for some, and yet have no impact at all on others. It really depends on each individual, and how one chooses to care for one's hair.

In this video, I share tips and advice on how to prevent and treat heat damage. Contrary to popular belief, heat damage--or at least what I consider to be extreme heat damage, is irreversible. However, depending on your tolerance level, there are some things you can do to rid your hair of the damaged locks and get your hair back on a healthy track.

Below are a few additional resources I found on the net that I feel offer great tips and advice regarding heat damage:
  1. How to Avoid Heat Damage
  2. Heat Damage -- What do you do?
  3. How to Prevent Heat Damage When Flat Ironing Natural Hair


кcℓ (n_n) said...

Great post! I think I may have head damage at the crown due to the sucky job of a stylist. Never again!! BBut I never planned to cut it, just dealt with it and move on. Again, many thanks for this post. :D

DPrincess28 said...

You're welcome!

Tee Eee said...

I always share the info you provide on your blog to my natural friends and I can't wait to show this to a friend of mine who recently discovered that her stylist has greatly damaged about 5 inches of hair on her head...and her hair is bsl!!! She's going to mini chop slowly to get rid of it slowly, but get this, the stylist used a flat iron she uses on WIGS!!!! And she uses it on all her natural clients! That is why I do my own hair and I am so thankful for folks like you who put the info out there so folks like me can feel confident in what we do for our manes.