Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kidz Corner

Update on My Little Prince's Hair

My little prince is about to turn two. Boy does time fly! He was a little over one when I shared the details of his regimen, and I must say that not much has changed since then. Yet, as you can see, his hair has grown quite a bit...

So to recap, we wash his hair a few times a week. It really just depends on how much product buildup he has. As for products, I still use pure coconut oil to seal in moisture, but instead of Aloe Vera Gel, I use Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator. Why the switch you ask? Basically, I was too lazy to go out and buy the Aloe Vera Gel, which isn't as easy to come by it seems as the Hawaiian Silky, and since Hawaiian Silky is what I use, I figured if it's good enough for mama, then it's good enough for him!

So, in a nutshell, this is his reggie to date:
  1. We cleanse his hair once every few days (We use head-to-toe body wash, usually the one by Aveeno)
  2. Pure coconut oil is applied to damp hair to seal in moisture (This is done after cleansing and on a daily basis after spritzing with water)
  3. Hawaiian Silky Activator Gel is applied to the hair as a styler to set curls and further lock in moisture
  4. Isoplus Styling Gel is applied to his edges (This product has a stronger hold than the curl activator gel and is therefore great at keeping those edges sleek, but it is also moisturizing and doesn't cause flakes)
  5. Hair is detangled on wash day with a paddle brush while hair is damp and saturated with product, and is rarely brushed or combed thereafter (A paddle brush is not recommended for tight curls! Paddle brushes work well to detangle loose to medium curls such as his, but a wide tooth comb should be used for tighter curls. Some also recommend a Denman brush)  
  6. Hair is placed in a ponytail after washing (This isn't always the case, but since his hair is normally washed at night, placing it in a ponytail cuts down on tangles as the curls are kept in place while he moves around in his sleep)
As for styles, we usually let him rock out his curls freely, but there are days when I prefer to slick it back in a ponytail, as it cuts down on tangles. Here are some of his looks:

Hair in ponytail after washing. Note that the hair around his edges is shorter than the rest of his hair. I've been focusing on moisturizing that area more, as I want it to grow out.
Free curls. His hair was dry with little product, which is why the curls appear fuller in this pic.
Free curls that are well moisturized.
Hair slicked back into a ponytail with Isoplus gel applied to edges.
Back shot of his pony puff.

We said we wouldn't cut his hair until he turned two, but now that his birthday is right around the corner, we have recently decided to let his hair be. We like his wild and wooly curls and wish to enjoy them a little while longer. I don't think he minds, but when he does, he can let us know and we'll do whatever makes him happy ;-).

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Anonymous said...

I kinda thought you might have fallen off the face of the earth, it's been a hot minute! lol. Your son's hair is GORGEOUS. I would keep it around a little longer too.

DPrincess28 said...

@Keri: No ma'am, LOL! Thanks ;-)

alexis said...

When did you start this regime for your daughter is 6 months and I just spritz with water and apply coconut oil

Katie Barnett said...

His hair is gorgeous! My daughters have that curly hair :-) i currently use mixed chicks so thats good product too :)

SexiiCaramel Harris said...

My daughter is two and her hair is almost waist length. For her hair I use coconut oil & water to moisturize and seal. As far as styling I'll braid it or wear pontails. Shince she's young do you think I should trim her ends