Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Transitioning Tale: Maria's Story

Two years ago, I requested submissions for inclusion in PYCAG's Transitioning Tales section. While scrolling through my archives, I realized there was one story that had yet to be published. It's that of a beautiful diva named Maria. After rocking a relaxer for 15 years, she finally decided to do the big chop. So now, without further ado, here is Maria's transitioning tale, as told to PYCAG:

PYCAG: How long were you relaxed?
Maria: I was relaxed for 15 years (age 8 -23).

PYCAG: What inspired you to transition?
Maria: I felt my new growth and it seemed soft. That inspired me to become reacquainted with my natural texture.

PYCAG: Why did you opt to slowly transition versus do the BC?
Maria: I transitioned slowly before doing the big chop because I have a big head and I didn't think short hair would EVER look good on me.

PYCAG: How are you caring for your hair?
Maria: I wear puffs mostly, no wash-n-go's. I pre-poo with coconut oil and that is the only difference from when I was relaxed.

PYCAG: What products are you currently using?
Maria: I am quite cheap, so I really use the same products that I used while I was relaxed. They are as follows:
  • Garnier Fructise Intense Cleanse Shampoo (for my dandruff)
  • Aussie Moist Conditioner
  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask (for deep conditioning)

PYCAG: What are your hair care goals?
Maria: My goal is to love my hair into being the healthiest it's ever been. I would like to reach bra-strap length eventually, but am cool with shorter length. 

Thank you, Maria, for sharing your natural hair tale with Protecting Your Crown & Glory. We wish you continued success on your hair care journey! 

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