Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kidz Corner

My Little Prince's Hair Update

In January, my son's curls were long and luscious. I shared how after finally learning how to cornrow, I was able to fashion his hair into braided styles, with simple cornrows and the faux hawk being among my favorite looks. Well, a lot has changed since then...

After two plus years of letting it grow, we finally kissed his long locks goodbye!

For his first barbershop visit, he did very well! We asked the barber to cut it low on the sides and in the back, but keep some length on top. I still use water, pure coconut oil and curl activator gel to get his curls to pop. There's just a lot less of them now.

Believe me, I wanted to keep his hair long, but after wrestling with him on numerous occasions to style it, I was done. I saved a lock of his hair so he can see how long it once was, and, if interested, I can teach him how to grow and maintain his hair when he's older.

That's it for my little prince's hair update. How is your little one's journey going?

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Shona said...

He is so handsome! My son's hair is similar to your son and I am tired of wrestling with him to do his hair. I am ready for him to get a hair cut but my husband is not. My son is 30 months old. Do you think that is too young to get a hair cut now?

DPrincess28 said...

Thanks! The question is: does your husband do your son's hair? If not, then he doesn't have a say, LOL!

Shona said...

My husband is finally on board with the whole haircut thing. Yay! I don't think he will do well in a barbershop as he gets anxious and nervous around people he doesn't really know. Was thinking about cutting it down myself. Idk what to do. Wish I could send a pic of his hair. He is 21 months old not 30 months old.

DPrincess28 said...

@Shona: That's great! I miss my son's long hair, but he can always grow it back out once HE learns how to manage it, LOL! I think you'd be surprised about a barbershop visit. Your little one might do better than you think. What helped was the fact that my son saw another little boy sitting in the barber chair across from his, so he felt like it was the thing to do :-). Good luck with your son's hair!