Monday, February 23, 2009

Videos on the Way, I Promise!

Hey Divas,

It's your girl DPrincess28, and I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still in the process of editing all those wonderful videos I have in store for you. However, there is a video that I plan to record soon, and it's going to involve a special message that I want to give to those who watch my videos on YouTube.

My YouTube channel, Protecting Your Crown and Glory, currently contains a little over 20 videos. In addition, I have alerted my viewers many times to the fact that I also have a fabulous blog that works in conjunction with my channel. Yet, I find that some people like to watch just one video, and then ask me a ton of questions. Not only that, but they post their questions in the comment section of the videos. I have chosen to ignore those questions, not because I wish to be rude, but because it irks me Free Smiley Face Courtesy of that folks have a tendency (And I've seen this happen on other people's videos too, so I'm not the only one) to watch one video, and then ask questions, although more than likely, their question has already been answered in a previous video.Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

I know I've complained about this question asking conundrum in a previous blog post, but now I think it's time for me to spread the word in a video. In addition, one of my subscribers recently posted a question in the comment section of one of my videos, and because I think it's a great question, and one that's never been addressed, I'm going to post a video response so that all of my subscribers can hear the answer. I'm going to include that Q&A in the same video in which I address the issue of why I don't respond to certain questions, so look out for that this week.

I want to say thank you Free Smiley Face Courtesy of to my divas for following me on my blog. You gals are so fabulous in that you have chosen to stay in the know. If only more of my YouTube subscribers would check me out here, then perhaps they wouldn't ask so many questions, for they would see that most of the information they seek has already been provided.

Thanks again ladies for being patient with me as I get my stuff together. You'll be seeing more videos from me soon…



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