Friday, March 20, 2009

Are You Ready For Spring?

Hey everyone!

Spring is here, and I've got some serious cleaning to do! Every year I hope my "Spring cleaning" will eliminate junk and create extra space, but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. Perhaps it's because I fill the extra space up quickly with new junk, LOL!

As far as beauty goes, the Spring has got me feeling excited about my hair. I'm already three months into the year, and I've only flat ironed my hair twice. That's a major difference from the past, for I could have easily straightened my hair 12 times by now if I remained consistent with my previous once-a-week ritual. I've noticed that my ends look much healthier, although I still plan to keep up with my regular trims. I'm excited about rockin' my natural curls more often, and plan to experiment with different products and styles this summer. Things are already starting to heat up, so I'm trying to prepare myself for the new season.

As always, I hope you divas have a lovely weekend. Remember to stay blessed, never stressed!




Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I've seen your videos where you apply Bronner Bros and the gel to scrunch your natural curls. Just you have to train your hair to have more curl definition? I am transitioning right now, and my hair looks curlier when wet, but straighter/more kinky when dry. Do you have the same experiences? If so,what can you do over time to enhance the curls? (Besides braid outs, twist outs, buns,etc) Thanks!

DPrincess28 said...

Hey there. I don't have to "train" my natural curls so to speak, but I do scrunch them into place. Now that I'm suffering from heat damage, some of my curls aren't as defined as they used to be :(. Now my hair does get straighter when dry as you stated, and more curly when wet. I've been abstaining from heat, 'cause I want all my curls back! I do braidouts when I want more crinkly definition, and the combination of that and water seems to help a lot.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you feel about texturizers. I am transitioning now and I remember you saying that we can have many different curl patterns in our head. Also you cant tell your WHOLE curl pattern just by the little new groth that you get each month; because your relaxed ends weight it down. So i was thinking that i should wait until im natural,expeiment with products, and just see what the outcomes are. how do you feel about this plan because im wishy washy right now! lol

DPrincess28 said...

I'll be posting a vid on here tomorrow about texturizers and other hair issues, so check it out!