Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrity Hair

Celeb Styles That I'm Currently Diggin'…

It's 2009, and I see some fresh new styles poppin' up on the red carpet. There are some celebs whose style I am really feeling right now, and I wanted to share some photos of my top picks with you today.

#1. Tia Mowry Hardrict

I've followed Mrs. Hardrict ever since she was simply curly haired Tia Mowry working on Sister Sister with her twin sis Tamera. I must say that I loved when she got into straightening her hair, because I wasn't really feeling her un-styled, poodle tight curls. Seeing her and her sis straighten their hair was almost like a right of passage. When she decided to cut her hair last year, that's when she really blossomed into a strong, beautiful woman in my eyes. I think she wears her pixie cut with confidence and grace.

#2. Ciara

Ciara is a true "Go Girl," and has made two major style changes this year. She is now sporting darker tresses with bold streaks of blond, and has apparently gotten a makeover, because her makeup is fierce! Love it!

#3. Keyshia Cole

I love Keyshia Cole because above all else, she is trying to make things work not only in the music industry, but in her personal life as well. I've noticed that she's really gotten fit in the last year, and has decided to darken up her tresses for a really sleek, sophisticated look. She is a chameleon though, so who knows how long the black hair is gonna last, but for now, I'm lovin' it!

#4. Lauri Ann Gibson

Ms. Boomkack is back, and her hair is looking sharp! I am so loving this short hair cut on Lauri Ann, and if you've been following the new season of Making of The Band, you know that she has added some blond highlights in the front much like the ones Ciara is sporting in the pic above.

And, just for some Friday fun, one celeb whose new style I'm not feeling:

Ms. Christina Milian

Don't get me wrong, I love Christina. I think she is gorgeous, but every woman can't be a blond…come on now.


lakitiamarie said...

I love Tia new cut but I thought she just cut it for the show:"The Game". I love her too!

Question: Did you change the color background of your blog spot to black? Just want to know just in case my computer is tripping. Happy Friday!!

princessvalecia said...

yeah that blond on christina isnt that great but I LOVE how keyshia is evolving she wasn't what u would call my fave but her look is coming out beautifully

DPrincess28 said...

Hey miss Lakitia! Yes, I changed the background...needed to spice things up a bit. Plus, I think it makes the text easier to read. Do you like it? I hope so ;). Happy Friday to you too!

lakitiamarie said...

Hey Princess! Yes I like the background and the text is easier to read. Keep up the good work!