Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Tax Season!

Hey Divas,

It's tax season, and mama's got to pay some bills! Seriously though, I gotta take a break to handle some business, but I'll be back soon with some great stuff, so please stay tuned ;).




Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration.....I am new at transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair......I just dont know how I will keep it up when I wash my hair once a week? Do you recommend I flat iron it once a week after I wash it?.....My hair is not curly, its kinky/coarse....Could I start out with a twist set? I NEVER EVER want to perm my hair again!!!!!!!

DPrincess28 said...

Hey Nenecraz! Thanks for joining the movement :). Heck no I don't advise that you flat iron your hair once a week! You should abstain from heat as much as possible while you transition. A twist set or any other roller set would be better.