Monday, March 9, 2009


Product Haul

I visited the Mac counter on Friday at Macy's to turn in my six empty containers of Blot powder and to pick up a new one. To my dismay, I was notified that not only were they out of stock, but Mac has decided to discontinue my beloved Blot powder! I therefore had to turn to Clinique for a neutral toned, shine-free finish. I'm disappointed that Mac will no longer be carrying my favorite powder, because that was, after all, one of the few products I purchase from them. Thanks to their recycling program (which is a fabulous, eco-friendly idea by the way), I was able to walk away with a new lipstick. At least my trip wasn't a total waste. Anywho, here's some of the lovely items I purchased:

#1. Stay Matte Powder by Clinique

Okay, so here's my replacement for Blot powder. After I left the Mac counter, I headed over to the Clinique counter and asked the reps there if they carried any neutral toned powders that simply served to eliminate shine. A sales rep recommended this powder to me, and my initial reaction was, "Ummm…" The sales rep was an older white lady, and I thought perhaps she had failed to realize that I was indeed black. However, she reassured me that although this powder is super light…almost white (It looks much darker in the pic, trust me), it would not make me look like a Geisha. She reeled me in further by alerting me to their return policy, which by the way, they don't tell every customer. Since she said I could return it if I didn't like it, I decided there was no harm in buying it. I've worn it twice since I purchased it, and so far, so good :).

#2. High Tea by Mac

So, as I stated earlier, I didn't leave the Mac counter empty handed. I got my free lipstick thanks to their recycling program after I turned in my six empty containers of Blot powder. I wanted a pretty, neutral tone that I can wear whenever I do a dramatic eye, and this one seemed to fit the bill. Although I love the color, I was a little annoyed when the rep told me that I could have gotten a free lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush (I believe it was blush. I can't remember what the third item was exactly.), had I gone to the actual Mac store. I thought lipstick was all I could get. Oh well.

#3. Multi-color Palette by Icing

I picked up this pretty palette at the Icing store. I fell in love with the fact that it is full of sparkly colors. I hate flat colors with no shine, so these immediately appealed to me. I don't think the photos actually do it justice, but there is a really pretty pinkish purple color in there, and I love the fact that it has some nice grays and blacks for a beautiful smokey eye look. There's also a nice lime green and orange color…okay, I'll just let you see for yourself:

#4. Bronzer

This beautiful bronzer with flecks of gold caught my eye as well. I have a bronzer in my train case, but it doesn't compare to this one. I'm therefore going to toss my old one and replace it with this one, which I believe will highlight my skin tone much better.

That's it for my mini-makeup haul. Until next time…XOXO.

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Gehrrie said...

Hi, Diva! i just thought i'd let you know that i went to the mac store myself the other day, and they have the blot films, but they also still have the powder! it's still on the counter and everything. also, it's available online! maybe they ran out of your particular hue??? anyway, just wanted to let you know just in case you wanted to go back to mac!