Thursday, April 16, 2009


Follow The Instructions!

Y'all know that I am a DIYer when it comes to hair care. I do everything myself, including giving my hair a splash of color from time to time. Now, I've used box kits several times, and only once do I remember doing a strand test. However, I don't recall ever performing a patch test.

Unfortunately, two ladies who were recently in the news have proven that you must follow the instructions on box kits carefully, including performing a patch test. No matter how badly you want that funky color, slow your roll and take the necessary precautions. It could cause you a lot of harm if you don't!

Precautionary tale #1: Pretty schoolgirl's face balloons to double its size after using home hair-dye



A schoolgirl's head ballooned to twice its normal size after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to hair dye.

Carla Harris, 15, said she thought she was going to die after applying the L'Oreal Recital dye at home.

The teenager was in agony for more than five days as the swelling spread to her eyes and face.

Precautionary tale #2: Woman hospitalized with horrific burns after using home hair-dye kit

Susan Taylor, 55, was placed on a drip in hospital when her head, face and neck began to swell and burn within hours of using Garnier Nutrisse's hair colouring product.

She was also given antihistamines -- and then steroids by her doctor -- before her symptoms began to ease over a week later.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

wow!!! that why i dont fool with color!!

lakitiamarie said...

Whoa!!!! Scary!!

Anonymous said...

my cousin's head swole up after a color application years ago. i don't mess with color too much but i do relax my hair twice a year and i definitely pray over it before i apply...clearly the LEAST we should be concerned about with chemical applications is our hair falling out.