Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot as Heck!

Hey Divas,

I'm so glad I vowed to wear my hair curly for the summer. Today was super hot, and just a preview of what's yet to come. There is no way I want to spend time flat ironing my hair just so it can be a poofy mess shortly thereafter. It's so easy to wash my hair or spritz my curls with water, scrunch with some moisturizer and gel, then go!

I said in a previous post that I'm going to try to get more creative with my curly styles, and I'm definitely sticking to that. Just this past weekend I saw a girl rocking a curly Mohawk, and it looked so cute! I've been asked to do some curly updos, so I'm going to definitely get on that so I can inspire my divas to stay on the heat-free path too!




lakitiamarie said...

You are going to love the mohawk look. I do it all the time when my braid outs are a couple of days old and I get lazy! I love the style because it adds flare to my overall outfit everytime.

Trellis said...

That is a cute look!

kmr said...

I like that hair style also. I am still in the transition phase kinda.(pressed hair for a whole year before saying no more). I think i might try this style.