Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Just Had A DUH Moment

Hey Divas,

Y'all know how much I love Olive Oil. In fact, I swore by Extra Virgin Olive Oil while I was transitioning. Since then, I've gravitated toward hair care products that contain olive oil. Now, I've seen a lot of people talk about some strange product called EVOO on the hair care boards. Being that I'm not big on finding products that contain all natural ingredients, I thought EVOO was some strange, organic product that hair hippies use to moisturize their hair. I guess that's because I mainly see them mention EVOO, EMU oil (which I have no idea what that is), and Argon oil in the same breath. However, I recently got a message from a subscriber who was asking me about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and she later abbreviated it as EVOO! Do you know how long I've been seeing the abbreviated version of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and was totally stumped?

Like, DUH!




Anonymous said...

lol.. it's ok the same thing happened to me... we all have our DUH moments...LOL!!!

HoneyBee98 said...

Hello DPrincess,

A while back you asked if anyone had ideas/requests for vids or blog topics...Here is my request!!!

1.classy, elegant Bun (Can naturals were curly buns? Or must you always flat iron 1st? And what size filler for what lenghth of hair?

Hair Rant Video:
We have heard about the 5 things you "hate" or dislike, we'd love to know about the 5,8,or 10 things you LOVE about life or about being Natural,or both.

Hair Rant..."The Male Perspective"
I remember you saying that you like your hair straight and your sweetheart likes to see it curly. Is there any way he would do all of us married, transing sistas a favor? Tell our sweethearts the positives of having a luscious, curl swingin' woman on their arm.If he could share his experience, maybe my hubby will see that there is life after the BC and the TWA!!! LOL If he's camera shy would you consider having him make a list of maybe 5 things and reading it to us in a hair rant vid? Just a thought.

DPrincess28 said...

Hey Honeybee98! Those sound like great ideas! I'll definitely keep those in mind for upcoming vids. Thanks for your input! XOXO

lakitiamarie said...


Those are some good suggestions! I can't wait to see those videos DPrincess!