Monday, April 6, 2009

Pet Peeves Anyone?

Hey Divas,

I get asked a lot of questions in the comment section of my Youtube videos, but there are some that really annoy me. If people checked out my Youtube channel or my blog, then they'd either A) know the answer to the question, or B) know that it is a question that annoys me, and would therefore not ask it.

I thought I'd share with my divas the questions that aggravate me the most, and the reasons why. Here are the top three:

#1. Are you full black?
Black people should know by now that we come in a variety of shades, and have a wide range of hair textures. You don't have to be mixed to have curly hair!

#2. What's your hair type?
I've said many times before that I don't like to get into hair typing because I believe that you can have multiple types of hair on one head. Plus, just because two people have a similar hair type doesn't mean that the same products will work equally well on both of them. Everyone must find what works for them!

And the one that bugs me most:

#3. Are you relaxed?
Come on now.

Until next time…




Anonymous said...

Lol. You are so right on! I must say, I've seen tons of Youtube videos, and I myself hate to see others ask the vlogger if she is "mixed". To me it is rude, and plus, why do you need to know? That question is asked everytime there is a woman doing a video with a curlier hair texture. I say to to all the ladies out there blogging or making videos, please ignore that ignorant question.

amina_vane said...

looooooool, you're makin me laugh girl, even if i know that deep inside it is not funny !
i really think you should just avoid answering to those "stupid" questions, you know what? bcz ppl are lazy, i mean really, like go on and only read the titles of your videos !
You'll always have those questions, just try to get accommodated to them...
this last question is the top ! lol, come ooooon !
just showing sum indefeasible love ;-)) (is this word right? lol)


lakitiamarie said...

Okay now come on...I can't believe people are still asking if you are relaxed! Did they actually see ANY of your videos?! just have to continue to ignore the repetitive questions. I'm sure none of your DIVAS are asking the repeats! ;*)

Anonymous said...

Those were good ones..given I am mixed.. LOL! But the last one.. 'Are you relaxed ?' ... well that one I can sort of put the "I understand" stamp on. Because some women that say that are "all natural" actually do have some sort of texturizer/relaxer in their hair to loosen their natural curl pattern.

For instance, Miss Jessie's has something they do called a silkening process WITH chemicals that is nothing but a mild relaxer for curly hair so the curls can not be so tight.

Plus they sell those texturizer boxes right in the drug stole for natural curly black hair..just to "loosen" the curls. But it's still a chemical relaxer made of the same basic ingredients. One could get the same exact effect if they left a relaxer on their hair for a few minutes (like 3-5) instead of the full 15-30 minutes.

So I do get why certain people ask that question. When my husband first saw one of your videos while I was watching you, he thought you had either a texturizer or didn't cut off all your relaxer on the ends. I had to explain to him that you just had a little heat damage on the ends from the flat iron is all... but were indeed all natural. So I sort of do get the "Are you relaxed ?" question. My hair is way to curly everywhere though to get that question..but a lot of people do want to know, "What you got in your hair ???" ROFL!